María Eugenia Vidal seeks to strengthen social containment programs to prevent violent


Amid a climate of violence encouraged by the Rio-Boca Superclassic and the tension that exists in the Government for the security operation of the summit of G20 presidents, the governor of Buenos Aires María Eugenia Vidal evaluated in the last hours a social containment scheme designed to address the most repeated issue of Argentina in recent years: the hot December with possible acts of excess in the suburbs.

Although Vidal is convinced that there should be no conflict in December, instructed its ministers to take action on the issue and strengthen the social task or attention to the most vulnerable sectors in coordination with the Church and the interpreters of all kinds of political color.

As you should know Infobae, the governor told a group of employees of his narrower team that "Any act of violence that occurred in December in the province of Buenos Aires will be exposed from where it comes and politically who it belongs to."

Vidal outlined this comment in the middle of a meeting and after analyzing all the measures of social containment that he made of his administration so that "a December in peace and unrelated to violence".

In the battery of measures that the government of Buenos Aires is establishing and that will be strengthened in December, the installation of 20 state fixed offices in misery before the end of the year to give direct attention to citizens. This care consists of the help to receive credits from Anses until the reception of doubts about social plans or the order to take turns in hospitals. Vidal wants to end his term with 50 of these state offices in needy neighborhoods.

"The presence of the state in the neighborhoods is invaluable and people need it," they say, that Vidal slipped before his employees. It's not the only measure you're willing to take to weather a hot December month.

Also the governor of Buenos Aires quotas in school canteens and increased the centers of the informal in the suburbs.

All this will be accompanied by an additional bonus that has already been announced for the Mais Vida Plan in coordination with the increase that the Nation has given to the Universal Award for Children. And a scheme to increase attendance programs to all primary schools for food delivery.

"There should be no conflict and violence in December because we are preparing for social restraint for some time," Vidal told an official working with the Ministry of Social Development.

In this case, the governor of Buenos Aires is convinced that any act of violence that occurs in December "It will be immediately perceived that it is organized by specific sectors of politics", as he reflected before his relatives. In this sense, Vidal does not point to any particular party or leader, although in administration they know that Cristina Kirchner counts on supporters groups that have a power of damage in several districts Buenos Aires.

The social aid that Vidal is implanting throughout the province of Buenos Aires to have, as they say, "a Christmas with social peace", the work is being done in coordination with the Church and the intendants beyond the political flag.

Since the Episcopal Assembly, they have alerted the clerk in recent months that increased numbers of children and adults attending school canteens. He therefore decided to coordinate efforts to strengthen these primary food assistance centers throughout the Greater Region.

As you should know Infobae, The governor admitted to several church leaders that poverty has increased and that the rates to come in December are not encouraging. This, he explained to his relatives, It is the result of the impact on prices in recent months due to the currency crisis.

Given this climate, Vidal has worked in recent months in coordination with the Minister of Social Development, Carolina Stanley, promote social assistance and establish common policies for the most needy sectors.

In addition, the governor of Buenos Aires has redoubled his visits to the villages and school canteens in recent weeks. It does this quietly and without forward-looking television cameras. "People need more presence from the state in neighborhoods," he tells his co-workers. Hence the need to increase the number of fixed state attention posts in the villages.

Another of the fronts that will meet in the immediate Vidal to pass a December in peace will be the airplane of the guild. He prepares for are meeting this week with state unions to rediscover a wage increase. The same will be done with other sectors sensitive to the economy and the social situation.

In the long run, Vidal's social plans aim to reinforce adult education levels. In recent years, it has grown from 150,000 adult students who have completed school to 450,000. "The only solution to poverty is that there are educated mothers and fathers", says every time he talks to the mothers in the villages. But he knows that this is a long-term task.

In the immediate term, there is social restraint. The debate over next year's elections is not even on your radar. "Let's start discussing this agenda with President Macri in March or April.He said these days. Now there is the conjuncture and immediacy that is called December. Addressing the vulnerable sectors, exposing the violence of politics and spending a Christmas in peace is the governor's immediate goal.


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