Marcelo Tinelli defended Boca players after the Superfinal scandal: "They were victims"


In this Monday edition of Showmatch, Marcelo Tinelli spoke about the suspension of the Copa Libertadores Superfinal last Saturday and lamented the incidents occurred in the vicinity of Monumental.

"I want to send a kiss to the Boca team, the truth is that we have to think about the players that are victims of this situation." It was tremendous that they wanted to play a game with a player who is in the clinic at 1:30 in the morning. Fortunately, deprived common sense and was not played because there is so much need to earn points in one place or play it with the public that they forget the players, and the players suffered tremendous aggression ", the driver started.

In addition, he continued indignantly: "What does it matter if it was eight blocks, three, two?" The truth is that it is tremendous to think if the players exaggerated, they even threw stones at the ambulance when he left! There is no responsibility for anything, what do we do to change? It was awesome what happened! It is a society that is often sick. "

"It's not about criticizing River, Boca, Conmebol or the government, it's a shame, nobody takes care of it, we hope we can change it, as a society we need responsible people, let's think about how the players are. all and it was a shame, you have the desire to go to court and that is why we need solutions, in the middle are people who want to watch a football game., said the vice president of San Lorenzo.

It is closed: The security operation was bad? Yes, obviously very bad, but there are many sectors responsible, the most important would be to recognize it because from there we can start to change it, it will be very difficult to play like this, we are all prisoners of this system , I hope one day I can change. "


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