Marcelo Polino revealed an incredible event at the baptism of Luciana Salazar's daughter: "It was a miracle!"


Matildadaughter of Luciana Salazar, he lived a very special day last Saturday: she completed her first year of life and was baptized. The ceremony, he said Marcelo Polino, godfather of the small, was "very emotional " and was held in a church in the River Court area.

"It was a divine ceremony with a Chilean priest. It was very relaxed and the girl behaved divina ", said the journalist in dialogue with the program Unforgiving.

And he revealed one particular detail: "I'll tell you something, I'll tell you why I lived." The girl did not walk and I carried Luciana.It is better for me to walk by baptism because between the two of us, who weigh 20 kilos wet, we will not be able to raise& # 39; It was a joke we did all the time because the baby walked while the children walked, they held and fell. "

"The priest baptized her and when we went to say hello The girl was leaning against a bench and left! I swear, I lived it. I have a picture The baby started walking in the church, It was like a miracle! It was very exciting. We laughed, "said Polino.

He also told a Ana Rosenfeldlawyer and friend of Luciana Salazar, who was at baptism: "She is the false godmother., because she was the first chosen to occupy this place, but because of a religion she could not. But we took it and made it read the psalms. I told him: "As long as you imagine that you disguise yourself as a nun!"

Luciana Salazar said it was an "incredible" ceremony and she was very happy. Matilda's first anniversary party was attended by many celebrities, most notably Flavio Mendoza, Agostinho Casanova, Lautaro Mauro, Jorge Moliniers and Cinthia Fernández.


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