Marcelo Gallardo revealed where he was in the goal Pity Martinez for Boca: "It was a moment of total darkness"


Gallardo on the lawn of the Bernabeu, celebrating the victory against Boca in the Copa Libertadores final. Source: Archive


Marcelo Gallardo

He spoke to the Argentine media in Abu Dhabi,
of the press conference he gave before the match to the third and fourth place in the World Cup Clubs, in which Rio will face Kashima Antlers of Japan on Saturday, "They asked a lot of foreigners," was the explanation of the millionaire coach about why he once again talked to the press, just a few hours after his public exposure. There he said he will continue in the club and that the great challenge will be "not relax" with what will come.

"The challenge for next year will be not to relax," he said. "When I do not feel motivated, I see what to do, today I have many challenges ahead," said the millionaire coach, who spoke again about the final against


"This achievement will be eternal," said the coach.


on the conquest of

Cup Libertadores.

Gallardo revealed how he lived the last moments of this game. Where it was at the time of the goal of Piedade Martinez and shortly before when Jara's shot hit Armani's goal, which could mean a draw for Boca. The River's coach was no longer in the box that had been assigned (he was suspended and therefore could not be located in the bank) in the closing moments: "I did not see the Pity goal, I was down the box into the locker room and yet I could not get in because I had no permit, I saw Jara's shot in the woods on the stairs, and when I got to the dressing room I could not see anything anymore and some told me it was over, others saying "Pity goal". three or four minutes of total darkness, in which I did not know what had happened, "he said. Everything is new.

The video of the statement

"What I felt was on the pitch … we suffered a lot of wear and tear in the last 20 days of not being able to be in Boca's court, first of all,
To stalk I felt it looked unfair. It seemed an extreme sanction. From then on I suffered this series. What happened in the River, which is played, which is not played … The change of venue. All the time focusing on a team that keeps track of what was intended … we were away from our country, away from our home. It was days of mental wear and tear and this one goes on, "said the coach.

Gallardo confirmed the team for the game against Kashima Antlers. You will have Lux; Moreira Martínez Fourth, Pinola, Helmet; Mayada, Zuculini, Palacios, De La Cruz; Julián Álvarez and Borré. It will be played this Saturday at 10:30 am (Argentine time) and will be televised by Fox Sports.

"I knew it would be difficult to concentrate on the World Cup," Gallardo said of River's performance in the United Arab Emirates, with Al Ain losing in the semi-final. "After the match on Tuesday I was very angry … but it had to be understood, it took me half an hour to enter the locker room, the players made a great effort and we have to thank for what they spent in those months, which was very exhausting. "

Gallardo referred to the recognition that Pablo Perez made on the triumph of the River

The memory of his mother, at the moment of winning the Libertadores


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