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Marcela Tinayre, about Marcos Gastaldi's health: "Your head is coming out"

Without giving details, Marcela Tinayre spoke about the difficult moment of health that her ex-husband, Marcos Gastaldi, is going through. Source: Archive

A few weeks ago, the
Cheers in
Marcos Gastaldiformer partner of
Marcela Tinayrestarted generating
concern. The businessman, 54,
He was hospitalized after falling down the stairs and rumored to be in poor health. Although not much information, the statements of his daughter Valeria Gastaldi, a while ago, spoke of a
"very cruel" disease that "has to do with starting to lose a person".

Valeria Gastaldi: "My father has a very cruel disease" – Source: eltrece


This morning,
Tinayre once again referred to the health of her youngest son's father, although she did not want to delve too much into the details. "It's more or less. I don't raise the subject publicly, I respect his illness," he said on camera.

So the driver of
Blondes He explained why he did not attend the Gente magazine anniversary gala. "I didn't go because I'm anti-gal, I don't like them. Producing and putting on makeup, I do it every day from Monday to Friday … Wearing the whole story for 5 minutes of photos and cuts. Nobody listens, nobody hey, nobody cares if you're right or wrong, "he fired without a filter.

And getting back to his personal situation, he clarified, "I'm in a tough time for everything I'm going through and I don't really want to care. There are a lot of people who care and more about the environment. People cover up."

As to why he prefers to keep quiet about his ex's illness, he explained, "I don't talk about my emotions and what I'm living now because it's my life, but it's someone else's health. It's a person. it's my son's father and I don't want to, I preserve his privacy. It's not easy, it's a disease of a being you love so much and your head is going away. "


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