"Many of Us Will Be Idolized" | River Plate



Franco Formoso

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"Right now there are a lot of things out there, we do not realize what we did. We added another cup, I'm happy and enjoying it.. We have many values, a different way of approaching many things, which is a sport and how to look at it. "After winning the fourth Copa Libertadores in the history of the River and the second in his personal showcase, Leonardo Ponzio recognized how important it is for this group to have reached Boca.

What does the River Captain plan to do now that the goal has been achieved? "Have fun with our people, with the people of Argentina who stayed. They deserved this and more, "explained the Lion, adding:I'm an adopted child. I found a house that by the results, to repay and sacrifice, people have this affection and I am grateful ".

"I'm looking for the day to day. The truth is that I am in a situation where River himself supports me, my colleagues and my coach. It is mutual what is being done day by day, "analyzed Ponzio about his future as a professional football player, and ruled:" Today's event will be many people in the memory and Certainly many of us will be worshiped for this"

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