Manchester City was the party of the goal: it won from 9 to 9 September 2013


They do not play with anger. Compete without mercy They go, they always look, they want more. Pep Guardiola, the coach, once told them: "The best way to respect a rival you are looking for is not to stop the march." That was what Manchester City did in the first match of the League Cup semi-final against Burton Albion. At Etihad Stadium he won 9-0 and left (almost) settled the series. The rematch will be played on January 23. And it is known: there will be no room for miracles.

"I believe in miracles" It's called the documentary that portrays Brian Clough's magical days at the head of Nottingham Forest, a second-rate team that in four years turned into two-time Champion's Cup, the much-desired Champions League these days. Nigel, son of Clough, is the father of another miracle: the Burton Albion, peripheral equipment, participates in the third category (the call Ligue One, now more visible thanks to the participation of Sunderland, curious phenomenon of the series "Until I die", brought to the world via Netflix) and it was a great pleasure to access this instance of semifinals.

The inevitable happened: it reached a wall of hierarchy, against the terrible difference of budgets. No more days for romantic episodes or wonders of the football epic. In today's football, David hits Goliath. Always or almost.

Four goals in the first half. For all tastes. Enthusiasm and resistance lasted for up to five minutes. De Bruyne opened the way. Then he followed a double by Gabriel Jesus. The room was the work of the side Zinchenko.

The city offered a team with a large majority of substitutes, in which Nicolás Otamendi played the 90 minutes. With names used to enter or wait, he hit a rival he could not keep up with.

The second half was another football celebration of possession and attack. The city did not stop. And he scored five more goals. Another double of Gabriel Jesus, for his poker, to take the ball. Phil Foden (English youth star), Kyle Walker and Riyad Mahrez completed the scoring.

The triumph had a certain historical character. With this 9-0, Guardiola equaled his best coaching win (at Hospitalet in the Copa del Rey 2011-12) and City was one goal to make the biggest difference in tournament history (West Ham 10-0 Bury in 1983 and Liverpool 10-0 Fulham in 1986). Numbers this city is encouraged to threaten …


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