Maluma celebrates his naked birthday | DailyShow


Maluma For years and every millenarian artist celebrated with his millions of followers in social networks. The Colombian artist celebrated only 25 years!

Although only a few days ago, he underwent knee surgery due to ligament rupture, A preview of what LinkedIn members have to say about Juan Luis:better known as Maluma, had time to celebrate at a surprise party prepared for him by his loved ones in Antioquia, Colombia.

Maluma celebrated in the company of his loved ones in Antioquia, Colombia.

O "beautiful boy"He enjoys great popularity on social networks, thanks to his charisma and connection to his fans." Thankfully, the Colombian made a super hot gift for his more than 38 million followers. Instagram.

Maluma raised a super tender picture of when he was a baby, where he appears totally naked. For what Instagram do not censor it, put an emotional candle cake in the area of ​​your private parts.


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