Maju Lozano: "At age 13 my father wanted to kill me, living with violence for me was logical"


(Video: "PH, We Can Speak" – Telefe)

In PH, we can talk, the driving cycle Andy Kusnetzoff by the telefe screen, there is always room for great emotions and strong life stories. And, in the last cycle of this year, could not be the exception.

On this occasion, Maju Lozano He starred in one of the hardest moments of the broadcast, as he remembered the history of family violence who lived since childhood A year ago, he counted for the first time his father suffered from manic-depressive psychosis and in the Kusnetzoff program he spoke again about it.

"He was very aggressive but in the middle of everything he was handsome in other things, it was very difficult to know which father to love and hate, to be able to separate what he was because of his illness and what it was because of his temperament, accept their machismo and what he had. It cost me to stop justifying because he was sick, "the driver of Every afternoon.

When asked if the violence she suffered was psychological, she explained:He exercised physical violence I. For me living with violence was logical. "In that sense, he said that" there was no time for weakness, "since" you had to defend yourself "from a man who was five feet five inches and weighing more than 100 pounds.

"At age 13 … Three weeks ago I could say in words that my father wanted to kill me. That's why it's so important to name things. Being able to verbalize what happens to one, whatever it is, is tremendously important. And it's also tremendously important that they believe in us, "he said, days later Thelma Fardín will report the violation to Juan Darthés.

He concluded, "Violence throws me in a very intimate place, maybe exaggerated, maybe I skip to things I should not skip, or I fuck with people I should not fuck with so much …"


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