Thursday , October 21 2021

"Maite has brain death," said the mother of the girl wounded by a stray bullet at Christmas


Maite Ailén Almirón, aged five, was
diagnosed with "brain death" at Eva Peron's hospital, where she was hospitalized with a head injury from a stray bullet during the Christmas celebrations in the Merlo district of Buenos Aires.

The news was released by the medical director of the Buenos Aires health center. Then spoke the parents of the girl, who asked for a law that prohibits pyrotechnics and better regulate the use of weapons in the country.

"A bad life ruined my life, my daughter has a brain death," said Maite's mother in tears to the press, and asked, "Whoever did this, whoever says I was, I'm unconscious."

The woman added that the Justice is already acting and was in agreement with the actions of the promoter Alberto Ferrario, responsible for UFIJ 3 of



"We ask people to take care of their children because life changes in a second, as it has happened to us," said the woman, adding, "Remove those lost bullets and rockets, let it be law.

Another injured child, out of danger

During the celebrations of Christmas, Thiago Lautaro Mealla, of nine years, also was wounded by a lost bullet, that is hospitalized in serious condition in the Hospital Héloes of Malvinas de Merlo.

The boy was shot in the back and could be transferred to another health center because of the severity of the injury, official sources said.

What might be known about Mealla's wound is that the child was playing with friends during the festivities for the arrival of Christmas at the door of his house on Fraga Street in the Pompeii neighborhood of Merlo when he entered the house. causing a burn in the back. The family discovered that he had a bullet.

The police sources said this morning that in both cases there are so far arrested.

With information from the Télam agency.

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