Maidana would be determined to leave, but wants River to have money left over – 12/01/2019


"For me, Maidana is a faithful warrior", with that phrase Marcelo Gallardo defined Jonatan Maidana in an interview with Clarin. And Jony made it clear on the court. Man of a thousand battles, he always put his face, chest and head to defend River's shirt, which sometimes left some scars on the body of goals and cuts. This warrior has everything directed to go to the Mexican soccer and, thus, one of the last histories of this establishment would have left. Only the captain Leonardo Ponzio would be left of those that began with the Muñeco in the middle of 2014.

The Toluca of Mexico came determined to take it and made a millionaire offer, difficult to refuse. From the player's surroundings, they told Clarín that, this time, Maidana sees well and would be more determined to accept this offer. "Not only for the economic, feel that he already gave and won everything in the River and what better way to go with the image of the Copa Libertadores in his hands," commented a person close to the player.

Maidana is an atypical case for modern football, at least in this part of the world. He has been playing for eight and a half years on the River. All a record. And his story with the red band is a movie. He lived it all. From the most difficult, as was to lose category, to the National B, a year after his arrival at the club and do part of the reconstruction to get to touch the sky with his hands. Jony joined the team of Matías Almeyda who returned River to the First Division and then won 11 more titles, two with Ramón Díaz as coach and 9 with Gallardo. A beast.

What would have happened if the Puebla de México guarantees had settled down to River in early 2014 when the Mexican club came to look for him? It would have been another story of Maidana. Finally he did not leave and the best came. He was the standard bearer of the millions of dollars defense. The plants passed and he remained firm. He played with several on the side. Let's review: Alexis Ferrero, Adalberto Román, Agustín Alayes, Leandro González Pires, Jonathan Bottinelli, Eder Alvarez Balanta, Emanuel Mammana, Pezzella Germán, Ramiro Funes Mori, Wall Arturo, Lucas Martínez Quarta and Javier Pinola. The most emblematic pairs are certainly those of Maidana-Funes Mori and Maidana-Pinola, those of the teams of American championship in 2015 and 2018, respectively.

By improving the game of several youngsters who played alongside him, the idea that Maidana made River money was reinforced. Among the sales of Mammana, Pezzella, Funes Mori and Balanta, Núñez's club earned almost 25 million dollars.

Anyway, details are still missing to confirm the game. Your representative will have a meeting in the coming hours with the leadership of the River and there will be defined. Maidana has no contract with the Núñez club in June of this year. Then, with less than six months remaining, River would not receive any money, since Toluca, the club concerned, can agree directly with the player.

The idea of ​​Maidana, in case of leaving, is to do it well, leaving money for the club. For this reason, it would be necessary to decide if it would only waive premium and premium debts or if part of Toluca's offer also goes to the Rio coffers.

Meanwhile, just in case, River already works to bring another defender, in addition to the arrival of the Chilean Paulo Diaz. There were contacts with the young Sebastián Cáceres, of Liverpool of Uruguay, that is part of the under-20 of his country. And someone thought to dial the phone from Nicolas Otamendi to see if there is a chance with the central score of Manchester City and the Argentine National Team. Now it's very difficult, but in the middle of the year maybe …

Football reduced in Ezeiza

The team of the River made this Saturday morning the first training in the property of Ezeiza after the mini preseason in Punta del Este, which was shortened by decision of Marcelo Gallardo, considering that the courts were not in the conditions required to do formal football No first job in Buenos Aires there was a reduction of the soccer to begin to adapt again to the soccer. Surely on Sunday morning when River returns to training there will be a soccer training to start outlining the team that will first play the friendly against Nacional in Uruguay on Tuesday and then against Defensa y Justicia (delayed meeting of the Super League ) next Saturday at Monumental at the start of the official competition by the Doll team.


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