Macri presented PAMI agreement to buy drugs "without intermediaries" – Télam


President Mauricio Macri presented the initiative of the Pablo Cassará laboratory's production plant, the first in the industry to sign the agreement, located in the Villa Lugano neighborhood of Buenos Aires, where he was accompanied by PAMI chief Sergio Cassinotti and the CEO from the company. Group Jorge Cassará.

The head of state pointed out that after more than 20 years the Pami have "returned to buy their medicines directly from laboratories without intermediaries" thanks to an agreement with about 200 national and foreign laboratories, after two decades doing this with the intermediation of the three chambers of the sector.

For the president, "healthy competition will allow five million retirees who access PAMI to a better offer," and in that context defended an "open, transparent and competitive".

He also ensured that his administration received "a weakened PAMI" as opposed to a "strong and strong PAMI" that was achieved at the time.

He also added that "electronic prescription will be a real revolution" within the social work of retirees, and said "a wonderful progress is being made" in the body.

"We all know the effort we are making, which is worth twice as much," added the president, and again praised the initiative because, he said, "you are seeing the results in the first bids" of medicines, he said.


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