Sunday , February 28 2021

Macri criticized the judge who released a motorcycle: "It's scandalous, so there's no police to get there"

Credit: Presidency

The president

Mauricio Macri

He criticized Judge Susana Guichandut this afternoon, who freed motorcycles after a robbery, and said "it's scandalous."

In the social network Twitter, Macri wrote: "The security forces are doing their job on the street, but with a justice like that there is no police that hits."

two motorcycles with criminal records were detained by the City Police, which verified that one of them was of Uruguayan nationality and was prohibited from entering Argentina.

The arrests took place in the neighborhood of Boedo and the two criminals were released. Although from the government of Buenos Aires and national said that who released them was Judge Patricia Guichandut, who benefited the Colombian who was arrested two days after stealing a cell phone in Almagro, the magistrate
He came to clarify today that she did not intervene in the case of the Uruguayan citizen.

In a note, in which he appended a note from the City Police, the judge proves that it was not his court that intervened in the case against two motorcycles, one of Uruguayan nationality, arrested in the last days.

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