Macaulay Culkin was again "My Little Little Angel", 28 years later


Macaulay Culkin was surprised when realizing a commercial in which one returned to the skin of the personage who took to the fame. Check out the Home Alone version for the millennium generation!

Macaulay Culkin He surprised everyone by becoming Kevin McCallister, 28 years later, for Google's advertising.

In the video, which lasts a minute, the actor recreates some scenes from the first movie in the classic Christmas saga that we've all seen more than a million times. In the original plot, Kevin McCallister is forgotten by his family in his house, which is assaulted by two thieves on Christmas Eve. However, the difference is that on this occasion, Macaulay He manages to solve many of the drawbacks he had while being alone at home with the help of Google Home, the popular search engine wizard.

Among the classic scenes of the commercial is the moment he shaves in front of the mirror, jumps out of bed and sends a message to the boy who delivers the pizza with an old movie on the TV. Who would have said that, 28 years later, is almost the same.

Look at the ad!

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