Monday , March 1 2021

Luxury tasting: 2019 Asian Cup champion

Qatar hit the bump in the 2019 Asian Cup. He has just been crowned champion by defeating Japan 3 for 1. It was a spectacular month for the Qatar team, who won the undefeated tournament: seven games, seven wins; 19 goals in favor and one against, and the Japanese scored in the final.

The selection of Asia is led by the Spanish Flix Snchez, who instilled in his boys the value of pressure and the art of defense in difficult times, such as what they experienced on Friday when Japan I wrote them They suffered but they learned.

The objectives of the Almoez Ali and Abdulaziz Hatem They were a gem and a high bill. The first received, established and launched a Chilean in which he had something to do the Japanese goalkeeper, but even that does not diminish the goal. So the second was a very ropey shot, out of the area and with a lot of class. As the hosts of the next World Cup have learned.

In this way, Qatar, after celebrating a few days, you have to think about your next goal: the Brazil 2019 Copa America. All forms of Group B, along with Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay.

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