Tuesday , April 20 2021

Luis Miguel was not well received in Mexico: boo and criticism

Luis Miguel is about to arrive in Argentina and the shows are sold out. But not all audiences expect this in the same way.

This week, King Sol was booed at his recital at the Mexico City National Auditorium and received harsh criticism.

According to the press, the artist took 45 minutes to enter the stage and, although the audience received him with much affection, the disagreement was sharpened with the "mariachi" block.

Luis Miguel

There, Luis Miguel entered late in several songs, it seemed that he was angry and even fought with the musicians who accompany him. As if that were not enough, on one occasion the singer appeared before the audience with the closure of his pants. And as a finishing touch, he played the microphone.

"Absent half the concert, and the advanced music, someone to help him and put him in rehab," said one of his fans. "Fly open at first, drunk, I did not know which song was starting to sing, I played the microphone twice," wrote another.

Luis Miguel was booed

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