Luciano Caceres told the spiritual experience that he joined his mother before he died


(Video: Telefe, "PH, We Can Speak")

Luciano Cáceres He told a story that led many of the celebrities who came to the table to tears. PH, we can talk, last Saturday. The actor said the spiritual experience that united him with his mother during his last days of life and told him what he said when he fired her.

"I believe in the universe and the angels. Basically for an experience I lived, "he said, and began with the story.

According to his story, his mother He had cancer seven years. and in the latter, he decided to abandon traditional treatments to focus on alternative therapies and reiki. "It was your best year.. He was strong, with hair, weight, he ate … More falls into with the. Obviously I was angry because he did not do all the treatments. "

"I called the mine with which I did reiki and I was on vacation."You have to learn to let go. told me. But how to learn to let go? If my old lady left everything to the treatment with her magic hands … I did not understand "he continued.

His mother left the coma and from that moment Caceres began to establish a close relationship with her. Like never happened before. "She could not speak, it was a bond without words but I was the only one who could understand what she was saying, even if I did not hear her. I do not know how to explain. They all came to ask me what my old woman needed, "she said.

"She later returned to being in a coma and when she left, it was a very agonizing month." When I entered her room, my old woman was like this (she makes a gesture with her hand as if holding something). He told me that he was his angel.. She said she was a 50-year-old lady, very tall, very white, and her name was Mo. She did not understand what it was about, "she said, while commenting that during those days she was"very relaxed and happy ".

Always according to his testimony, his mother told him that he needed someone to do reiki. Through a mutual friend, he met a person, but could only come a week later. "In the middle he went back into a coma, I slept in the hospital and thought:Do not leave, it's over. On Saturday I went to look for that reiki mine. I made her go to the bedroom, but the minute she left she said:I can not do anything, you have to do it. ".

And he concluded his story: "So I went by and he made me do something I did not know what it was (he showed some movements with his hands) My old lady did not move four days ago, but I passed her hands and He stirred his legs, wiggled his arms.… He opened his eyes … It was quite an experience. There I said:Grab your angel, you made us very happy.. And if it was ".


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