Thursday , February 25 2021

Lourdes Sánchez surprised Ángel de Brito and revealed the request made by a celebrity to the dancer: "Ah, I love it, it's very scandalous"

The speaker Lourdes Sánchez astonished Angel De Brito revealing in Los Angeles in the morning the name of a celebrity who requested a place in the BAR-SM of Dancing

"There are already celebrities who are sending messages and asking for the presidency of the BAR," commented Lourdes, when De Brito asked him if he would like The tasting (Maria Laura Cattalini) accompany it instead of The Chipi

Your panel companion Mariana Brey, he asked if she had been called directly to her. To which the head of the BAR replied, "No, I have a very famous password of someone, and I hit him sometimes." After the joke of Lourdes, De Brito said: "Spy the message of The boringIt was called that. "

So in Instagram stories of @losangeles_ok, Lourdes revealed to the driver the names of the celebrities who call Chato Prada to be called as members of the BAR-SM.

"Ah, I love it, it's very scandalous," he exclaimed. Angel hearing the name.

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