Lopetegui canceled a reduction in the price of biofuels and returned to the values ​​of November


The measure was made available through Resolution 2/2019 of the Energy Secretariat, which carries the signature of the new owner, and was published in the Official Gazette. The new biodiesel value for diesel cutting is slightly $ 28,112 per ton it ruled last November.

The Lopetegui Resolution recalls that the purchase price of biofuels for promoted companies "should be calculated on the basis that producers who operate economically and prudently have the opportunity to obtain sufficient income to meet all reasonable operating costs applicable to production, taxes, depreciation and a reasonable return."

The new value that the producers will perceive is located 5.6% above that which had been established through Resolution 187, last December, of $ 26,832, signed by the predecessor in office, Javier Iguacel

The former employee had ordered a discount 4.55% in the midst of a strong discussion with the representatives of the main biofuel producing provinces (Bioenergetic League) for the convenience of applying a new tax to these vegetal fuels.

Although the districts of the Interior reject it, it is not ruled out that the government offers to participate in these new tax revenues. For now, it was wait sending an account to Congress, but could reactivate at any time.

The tax would be provided that the current cuts of 10% in the case of biodiesel and 12% for bioethanol were exceeded. "If what you are promoting is having cleaner energy and migrating to cleaner energies, the decision is counterproductive", Secretary of State for Energy of Santa Fe said weeks ago Geese Veronica.


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