Look who's called to join "Dancing 2019" – 11/06/2019


Marcelo Tinelli surprised everyone yesterday, announcing that in the Latin-pop rhythm of "Dancing 2019"there would not be a couple eliminated because it seemed unfair to leave one of the two participants facing each other on the phone –Leticia Bredice and Luciana Salazar– when production intends to incorporate new competitors into the "ShowMatch"(The Thirteen) Today, Tuesday, Angel De Brito revealed who are the celebrities who Tinelli and their production they want to get in the way of "Super Dance 2019", which from now on will air on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In "Los Angeles in the morning"(The thirteen), De Brito reported that it is confirmed to join the "Dancing 2019the couple of Bianca Iovenitti, bride of Fede Bal and Rodrigo Noya. The same happens, according to the journalist Rial Morena who will be accompanied by the dancer Juampi Battaglia.

The driver also gave as candidates to join the track to Mariela "La Chipi" Anchipi and Jorgito Moliniers, which joined BAR together with Lourdes Sánchez, in the 2018 edition of the "Dancing"

On the other hand, De Brito surprised his panelist Yanina Latorre advising her that she will also be called. "Oh guys, I do not know … I'm functional for this, if it's work I'm going forward," she reacted. The question is Lola … ", he said, referring to the conflict generated by the fact that his daughter, Lola Latorre, is already competing in the contest.

So the journalist added that Julieta Prandi, who is currently in the eye of the media storm because of his conflicting separation from Claudio Contardi, was also contacted to participate in the dance contest. Similarly, producers of "ShowMatch"they will be interested in adding Cinthia Fernandez, with the condition that she dances with her boyfriend, the businessman Martín Baclini. The model Yanina Screpante, former wife of Pocho Lavezzi, is another of the celebrities to whom Tinelli either on the track.

As announced by De Brito, member of the jury of "Dancing 2019", in the list of summoned also include the following celebrities: the former champions of"Dancing" Anita Martinez and The Bicho Gómez; the youtuber Killada; The polish next to Ailén Bechara; Nicolás Occhiato, the ex-boyfriend of Flower vigna, which already competes in the event.

Having said all this, we will have to see who accepts and how, finally, the payroll of the competing couples is formed.



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