Lizy Taglini took the tweezers to shave in front of her boyfriend and the complaint came to her: “I shouldn’t have to see these things”


Lizy Tagliani made a difference once again and posted a fun video in which she is the protagonist with her boyfriend Leo Alturria, and where it shows the couple’s intimacy.

You have acquired a lot of confidence, you with me. I shouldn’t because I look at these things, I ”, someone hears himself saying Leo, While Lizy She is very concentrated in front of an individual mirror and manipulating the tweezers.

“My love, this is a treatment”, he replies with irony. Lizy Tagliani, What to say about the dress is enjoying the Sunday rays.

Lizy wants a new ID

Lizy Tagliani He talked about the decision to sue his DNI with a female gender and, true to his style, gave details of what gives him “confidence” to move on. In addition, he told how his studies at university are going and made it clear that “I was not born in the wrong body”.

“I was not born in the wrong body, nor do I have anything stuck in my body. I am who I am and I have lived as I like, as I looked or felt. Sometimes they tell me ‘you are strong and you can choose’, but it is not a choice, I cannot choose. If someone could choose, who would choose what can make him unhappy? It’s something that comes to you, “he said. Lizy Tagliani.

Lizy Tagliani, true to her style and convictions (Photo / Instagram).

Lizy Tagliani, true to her style and convictions (Photo / Instagram).

He added: “I think it would have been this Lizy no matter the circumstance, the place and the time. I think I would have been a transvestite in oriental culture, even if I have to live a minute, it doesn’t matter ”.

In dialogue with The Eleven Ten / City Radio, said he made the decision to process his DNI with his female gender identity: “The other day I talked to an employee – I think he told me that he is Carolina Papaleo’s husband – and he told me to do the DNI, and that gave me will . But more than a question of gender, a matter of adding my mother’s surname: Gallardo. Therefore, and by the way, since I am the one who changes. What gives me confidence is after going to the registry office, the bank, the card ”.

On the other hand, Lizy He spoke about his studies at the Faculty of Law Lomas de Zamora: “I am doing this for a personal matter. I don’t know if I’m going to exercise, nor do I do it for that purpose. If I could say that I will have the strength to pick up the books and start reading, I wouldn’t go to college. I do this to keep my head tuned and learn. I love it about going to college. Furthermore, it is a dream I had when I was very young ”.


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