Lizy never goes unnoticed: "I dedicate my six children"


Tuesday, November 27, 2018 07:14

The funny speech of Lizy Tagliani after taking the Martin Fierro Radio for Best Humorous Work.

Wherever you go, it does not go unnoticed. His wit, funny jokes, and successful imitations made Lizy Tagliani win the public's love … and win prizes!

Ternada in the category Best humorous work for his work in El club del Moro, the cycle that is transmitted by La 100; along with Claudio Rico (Feinmann / La Red) and Roberto Moldasvky (Continental / Continental Bravo), Lizy was chosen by Aptra to receive the well-deserved prize.

After receiving the embrace of Vero Lozano – with whom she works in Cort√°√° to Lozano – the comedian made a funny release with his own label: "Well, well," she began, in a more serious voice.

"Thanks to Aptra, the truth Dear (Ardohain), you are beautiful, they are all divine, you, Peluffo, almost ha ha, ha, I am very grateful for this award, the truth is that life punished me first being ferocious, but then he rewarded me by crossing wonderful people all my life, and all those people helped me, one of them is Mr. Santiago del Moro, who always advises me, I also want to dedicate to my mother, my father and mine 6 children. Ha ha ha, thank you, from the heart ", closed, before the laughter of those present.



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