Lionel Messi revealed who is the only one with whom he talks about football after a defeat


Lionel Messi He is very secretive about his private life. The Argentine prefers to speak on the field of play rather than in front of the microphones. However, in an interview, the Flea He revealed that he now has a fierce critic in his entourage with whom he talks about defeats.

In a heads-up with the magazine World Football, the captain of Barcelona He confessed the change that occurred in the family. "Thiago is very fond of soccer. I already received some criticism. Follow Barcelona, ​​La Liga and Champions League. Follow everything. He likes it, asks questions, and gives me notes when things are not going so well. Understand more about soccer because it is bigger. He is very involved in everything related to football, "said the Rosary.

Besides that, Messi He acknowledged that before he took much worse bad results, but that with his eldest son this has changed. "It is always difficult to digest defeats and bad performances, but Thiago now forces me to comment on what happened and explain why we did not win. Now we talk much more, "he concluded.

The beginning of the year of the attacker 31 years is flawless: in the five games he has played so far with his club He became everyone. He was able to King's Cup, retained the advantage over his pursuers in the League and established himself as leader of the scorers' table with 19 shouts


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