Lionel Messi made a "desperate" comment to his son's "Rock and Roll Baby" which is a rage in the networks – 06/01/2019


"Mateo left more for my wife, Thiago, on the other hand, the more he is to me, the more introverted and timid. Mateo is more a character, he likes more music and dance, like his mother. And Cyrus is just beginning to walk. "Lionel Messi is very clear about the personality of each of his children, and it is not by chance that in defining them, he points Mateo, the second, as what surprises him most with his occurrences.

On Sunday, while his father was turning against Getafe, on his return to football after Las Festa's weeks of paralysis, Mateo, a three-year-old (born September 11, 2015), became news. Or rather, in fury, after a short homemade video made viral.

Antonela, her mother, was responsible for the millions of followers she has in her account. Instagram were entertained with the small Mateo, sitting in front of a toy drum, shouting "Rock and Roll BabyI send you a big kiss. "

It must be said that it is not the first time that Leo's wife "opens" the doors of his mansion in Castelldefels. In fact, a few months ago he also shared a recording in which Matthew he had already been surprised by his dance steps. And it's like that. The ease and sympathy of the children of 10 never fail to attract attention.

But when the father stopped distributing magic inside the court against Getafe, he found the video and the emotion he expressed was not just joy. "Hold on now," was the comment left by Flea, who evidently presumes to have long nights under the baton of Matthew's battery.


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