Lionel Messi bought a $ 15 million plane and everyone talks about a detail


Lionel Messi is one of the best football players in history. For this reason, for years, has an elite star contract that allows you to give yourself some luxuries.

On this occasion, the 10 of Barcelona bought an impressive private plane. As reported by the site Double Yellow, the aircraft is valued at 15 million dollars.

What amenities do you have? The Gulftream V of the year 2004 16 places, which can be turned into eight beds, two bathrooms -one with shower-e two kitchens.

The new airplane of Lionel Messi.
The new airplane of Lionel Messi.

But most people stopped in another detail. As he did with other personal items, La Pulga recorded the names of his relatives.

The name of Messi recorded on the stairs of the plane.
The name of Messi recorded on the stairs of the plane.

At the entrance staircase, he wrote the name of each member of the Messi clan: "Mateo, Ciro, Thiago, Antonela and Leo"they can read the ones that go up to the new chiche of the rosarino." In addition, in the tail of the ship, the number 10 could be stamped.

Are you going to use it to go to Madrid this Sunday? Leo will be present in the Copa Libertadores final between Rio and Boca, which will take place at the Santiago Bernabeu. As an icon of Argentine football, he did not want to be out of this historic event.


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