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According to the Data Protection Commissioner, the network used e-mail to get more subscribers.


The report notes that emails from millions of Europeans who do not use LinkedIn were used to send personalized advertising and get them to join the network.


Writing Tecnosfera

November 26, 2018, 06:21 p.m.

According to a report by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner, the social networking business LinkedIn violated data protection in Europe by using email accounts from 18 million users in an attempt to attract more users.

According to the research, conducted during the first half of this year, until May this year The social network used accounts of people who were not LinkedIn users for the purpose of advertising on Facebook and getting more subscribers.

The document states that emails from European users were also used to send personalized advertising and that in addition, these algorithms were used to create social graphics to suggest professional networks.

The social network was not fined, only received a call that ended in LinkedIn admitting its actions and apologizing for the happened.

But not all is over yet, there is one question that remains open: how LinkedIn got access to 18 million emails?


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