Let's get a leaf: tips for going back to school


The beginning of classes means that parents consider a series of aspects necessary for a return to a healthy and organized routine. Therefore, focusing attention on the well-being of our children is important for the fullness of school performance.

Good morning, it's time to eat breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is vital to pay attention, both at home and at school. A good breakfast allows for a more balanced distribution of foods in subsequent meals and creates better conditions for the learning of children as it positively affects their daily performance, both intellectually and physically.

Many of the products designed for children contain sugar (cocoa, sugary cereals, jelly, biscuits), a good way to avoid overeating is to provide healthy, homemade foods, including fruits, whole grain breads, unsweetened cereals, dried fruits and dried fruits. For this, some of the tips you should keep in mind to implement at home and improve breakfast can be:

  • Awaken the children a little before the usual time, allocate those extra minutes to breakfast and make this in a quiet, not rushed.
  • Leave prepared the elements and ingredients needed for breakfast the night before.
  • Share breakfast with the family and sit at the table.
  • If you do not complete the portions or groups of food you need, pack the food so that the children finish their breakfast at school, and do not forget to include a bottle or bottle of water.

In this way, we contribute to improving the quality of our children's nutrition and encouraging healthy habits from childhood.

Mother, the backpack weighs me down!

When choosing a backpack for children to carry their school supplies it is important that, in addition to having their favorite character, they are comfortable and functional for the body of our children.

It is therefore recommended to use wide, padded and adjustable shoulder straps, two shoulder straps, a padded back, a strap that holds the backpack at waist height and is also a lightweight backpack or wheels .

Excessive weight of backpacks is a serious problem, as it can produce complications in the health of the younger ones, such as injuries to muscles and joints, posture problems, back, neck and shoulder pain. So, among the tips to protect the back of children can be mentioned: always use the two straps, adjust the straps and arrange the items inside the spine to relieve the weight out and do not fold the back to the front. Keeping these recommendations in mind helps us, that this everyday companion of children, be beneficial to your health.

Footprints that can be corrected

Flexible flat foot in children is one of the main reasons for parenting. This condition is normal in young children and occurs from the absence or decrease of the arch of the foot during weight bearing. That is, when the child stands up and supports his weight, the longitudinal arch sinks and the heel is deflected out.

Most children with flexible flat feet have no symptoms and their diagnosis is confirmed by a physical examination. Although the correction is spontaneous, at home it is important to look for ways to support the child's foot to consult a professional and apply the necessary corrective measures.

Wash hands with soap and water

Sometimes we forget that in direct contact or contact with different surfaces, the hands are the transport of bacteria and microorganisms. Therefore, bringing them to the mouth, nose and eyes, make us more likely to suffer respiratory illnesses and infections such as influenza, bronchiolitis, among others.

Therefore, teaching this habit to children from childhood helps them to incorporate this tool to promote their health. Some of the key times when hands should be clean are before classes and snacks, after recess and after going to the bathroom.

The routine should include soap and water, and the time to rub both sides of the hands and the spaces between the fingers is 20 seconds, meaning making the amount of foam needed for the outside and the palms of the hands hands are completely covered. Therefore, washing your hands regularly helps prevent the spread of disease.

To see you better

In the early years of life, vision is the sense in which children experience and know the world around them. Thus, in school, content that is taught to children is adapted to be a visual learning.

Give the child an ophthalmological examination to know any eye conditions that may occur (myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, strabismus, etc.) and establish the most appropriate treatment that allows correcting it in time through glasses, surgeries or stimulation in some cases. cases. Therefore, once a year, the child should undergo a thorough and thorough visual check to see if there are no vision problems that could affect their development.

The eyes are an important part of health and it is necessary to keep them healthy to have good eyesight. That is why children should be taught to look after their visual health and recognize situations in which they have difficulty seeing clearly, such as having trouble reading the chalkboard, headaches, itchy eyes, etc. .

To school with health

Another item on the list to be considered for the beginning of classes is that the children must fill out the Single Health Certificate (CUS) requested by the educational institutions. That is, it is a form that includes a thorough physical examination, vaccines and personal history.

The certificate allows not only to determine undiagnosed pre-existing pathologies, but also to know the nutritional status of the school population and to provide adequate treatments. Every year, before starting classes, children are required to take the annual medical examination, but it is also necessary to generate, from home, healthy habits and behaviors that effectively collaborate for preventive medicine. So, having the complete vaccination schedule, according to the child's age, is important not only to your health but also to those around you.

The school is an active institution that aims to achieve quality and completeness in each child's performance. Enthusiasm is the engine that motivates our children to learn something new every day. Accompanying them, guiding them and teaching them habits and behaviors that allow them to grow and develop in different areas of their lives is our motivation, that of the parents.

Sanatorium Allende is made up of a team of professionals of different specialties who give you the best recommendations for children to return to school, not only with energy but also with health.


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