Leonardo Ponzio's message to the mouth: "We sympathize and we would do it again, it is part of the group's ideology" – 06/12/2018


Before the sun came up on Thursday, River appeared in Madrid. And after arriving at the Eurostars Tower in the Chamartin area, while his teammates were entering the hotel, captain Leonardo Ponzio, with the encouragement of a group of fans who came to welcome the squad, took over the team. word Y left several messages before the final of the Copa Libertadores against Boca, which will be played on Sunday at the Santiago Bernabéu. One pointed to the other path as a reflection of everything that happened in connection with the micro-necine attack on Monumental and making clear the thinking of the group he commands in the field.

"Much of what was said was not true. We act in the best way. We sympathize from the first moment. There were players from our team who communicated with some guys from Boca and I will not add more than what has already been said, "said the central midfielder, and then reaffirmed the position of the River team:" Let's go back to solidarity because the part of the ideology of this group and with which we have worked for more than four years. "

Regarding this issue, Ponzio clarified that with Carlos Tevez (he had questioned the players of River) they did not talk particularly and they did not think to join the players of Boca to give a message together about this change for Europe. "There are things we do not deal with or we, the players, decide, but surely, when all this happens, there will be things to rethink. "

Due to episodes of violence and Conmebol's decision to remove the location of the river, the final was transferred to Madrid. What caused this situation on the river campus? "We are already in Spanish territory and we have to think about what is to come, to try to adapt to the new calendar and to the rhythm here, the head has already been shaped since the decision to play here has been made." Almost a month passed. the first final, but we already know when to play we are focused and we know what we want. "

Leonardo Ponzio took the voice of the River squadron on arrival in Madrid. (Marcelo Carroll)

Leonardo Ponzio took the voice of the River squadron on arrival in Madrid. (Marcelo Carroll)

Ponzio also sent a message to River fans who were at Monumental on Saturday, 24 (and many of them also on Sunday, 25) and now they should be content to watch the final on television, from a distance.

"There are many people who have been injured, but we will not remedy them with words, only with results. The 66,000 people who have been at Monumental will help us and be with us. We will defend them in the field, "said Santa Fe, in the same line of speech as coach Marcelo Gallardo, who had discussed at the press conference held last Sunday at Monumental that" the only way to defend the fans of the river is within the block ".

Referring to the game itself, Ponzio commented: "Since the goal of the finalist is not worth it, everything is matched and there is a game that is unique in any context, and now it is added that it is outside of America." Let's play in the White House & # 39; (this is what they tell Real Madrid because of their power in world football) and is a unique match against our eternal classic. " You can be part of this superfinal after losing the first leg due to a muscle injury. "From the outside, I lived with a lot of nerves in the first final," he admitted.

You already know what to play at the Santiago Bernabéu is the man from Las Rozas. He faced when he wore Zaragoza's shirt. And when does this match come to you?

"He grabs me in a situation of experience and everything you can imagine, I imagine. I lived a long time in Rio," Leo acknowledged. And he stressed the value of what is coming: "This party can become an important milestone in my career. "


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