Leandro Paredes's strong complaint against Agustín Orion for the incident in a Boca practice: "Everybody knew that he was going to hurt me and nobody cared for me"


Leandro Paredes is 24 years old and has a great gift at PSG in France. After being one of the Zenit figures of Russia, the midfielder made the leap to the European giant and won the highest praise. "It has to be the five of the National Team," said Fernando Redondo. "My old man sent me the statement and the truth is that the best, in my opinion, in this position speaks thus, I thank you," he acknowledged.

However, what happened from Paredes was not this statement nor the confirmation that Nicolás Burdisso, manager of Boca, tried to add him as reinforcement of the club in the last market of passage. What caught my attention was the strong complaint against Agustín Orion by the incident suffered in a "Xeneize" training in 2013.

"No one took care of me, several heard that he was going to hurt me and five minutes later he hurt me, neither the club nor the coach (Bianchi) took care of me when this happened," he lamented. In communication with Fox Sports Radio, Paredes said the goalkeeper's kick was what forced him to leave the club when he had all the conditions to succeed.

"Yes, that injury was decisive and it helped a lot to get me out." At that time, they did not take care of me as they should take care of me. but good happened a long time ago and today I'm good and happy, that's what counts, "he added.

Although he tried to put aside the incident, especially because of the successful gift he was going through, he gave more details about the bad weather he experienced: "They did not take care of me. because they did not take the steps that maybe in another club they would have taken in the face of such a situation. They did not protect me neither the club nor the coach, it happened like nothing ".

Paredes said that Agustín Orion had said that he would hurt him. "Everyone heard that he was going to hurt me and five minutes later he hurt me, I had anticipated in a previous play that he would hurt me. it's good, It happened. It is, it does not matter ", He added, trying to leave the bad drink behind.

"(Orion) asked for my pardon for a text message," said Leandro Paredes, who at the time, in July 2013, was directed by Carlos Bianchi. "I think in every club it happens and beat the boysbut none I think it goes with bad intention hurt one. And in that I think it was a little. But hey, that does not matter, "he finished the question.

"Total rupture of the left ankle deltoid ligament", was the medical part that launched the corresponding studies that were done to him at the time of Boca's youthful coupling. As a consequence, the soccer player was inactive for more than 12 weeks.

Other important sentences of Leandro Paredes:
*"He called me Nico (Burdisso), but it was very difficult to get back to Boca, I let him know, my desire was there, but we both knew it was complicated."
"I spoke to him (Burdisso) and financially the payment of the pass or the loan was impossible".

*"I'm always moved to go back to Boca, it's a dream I have, but I know I'm still young, I have and want to be in Europe much longer, but going back to Boca always moves you."

*"I always said that the day I left I did it knowing that my idea was to play because I felt I could have given more of Boca, but things happened that made me leave the club (the injury caused by his partner Agustín Orion) I had to leave now and I'm very happy today, but the idea of ​​returning is always there. "


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