Laura Ufbal's anger with Pamela David: "If you want to polemize and …"


Journalist Laura Ubfal harshly questioned Pamela David, who had come to the intersection for alleged criticism of him.

The case of Rodrigo Eguillor -the man accused of rape, abduction and attempted murder-caused a huge controversy on television, and one of them was the hand of Mónica Gutiérrez: He called it "influencer",

A lot of criticism has emerged in this regard, and Gutiérrez was harshly questioned. But he also defended, as for example his colleague Pamela David. In the midst of this defense for Gutiérrez Pamela David criticized Laura Ubfaland the entertainment reporter snapped roughly.

"I never spoke of Monica Gutierrez, let me know if you want to argue and defend the indefensible … I am more than the abuser loose, thank you Pamela David"It was the response of Ubfal, who was very hard with the defendant that triggered this crossing.

Source: Radio Miter

Mónica Gutiérrez tried to "influence" Rodrigo Eguillor and after criticism had to close his Twitter


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