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Lapidario chatted with Rodrigo Romero for his ex after denouncing gender violence: "If I go to jail, I …"

Macarena Vega, a former partner of Rodrigo Romero, revealed the conversations he had with the actor after the complaint of gender violence was heard.

Rodrigo Romero threatened his ex after denouncing gender violence.
Rodrigo Romero threatened his ex after denouncing gender violence.

After the complaint of gender violence by Macarena Vega against her former partner was made public, Rodrigo Romero, the actor threatened her through WhatsApp. The woman announced the chat and reaffirmed her position.

Days ago, Vega reported that he was beaten, threatened and abused by Rodrigo Romero, father of his children and protagonist of the film of Rodrigo Bueno. In Los Angeles in the morning, the woman explained, "He insulted me and hanged me. He hit me once for three days in a row."

After the report was released, Macarena Vega revealed the messages that the actor sent through WhatsApp. On chat, Rodrigo Romero "Well, I know what happened, I will not give in. If I go to jail, I'll kill myself, but I'll drag your mother for theft."

In another message Rodrigo Romero He sent his ex-partner, he says, "I'm sorry, I tried to do everything right for my children, to give them a better father and a better life. I'll help you, I promised not to leave you behind and help you We mix things, feelings and all that shit that hurts us for a long time. "

However, in the absence of answers, the actor threatened the mother of his children with a possible situation in case of ending the prisoner. In this connection, Rodrigo Romero She assured him, "That's why I decided to separate, I'm sorry for what happened last night, that my life and my dream are over and I knew what you would do." And it's very good! You're absolutely right, but I I'm not going alone in. I'm taking your mother for the robbery. "

Rodrigo Romero and a drastic decision after the complaint against him

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