Lady Gaga's victory at the Critics' Choice Awards, marked by the loss of a faithful companion


Lady Gaga's victory at the Critics' Choice Awards was tarnished when she learned of the serious health of Arabella, her beloved mare and faithful companion. The protagonist of A star is born, won the award for Best Song for "Shallow" and received the Best Actress statue for her role in the film shared with Glenn Close, winner of The Wife.

Gaga was notified of the condition of the animal at the end of the awards ceremony, so he quickly stopped being with her, leaving aside the festivities.

The star wrote an emotional tribute on social networks: "I'm honored and blessed to have won the Best Actress along with Glenn Close tonight. My heart explodes with pride. It saddens me to say that as soon as the show is over I have discovered that my angel, my Arabella mare is dying. I'm running to say goodbye to her. His name means "surrender to prayer." She is and always has been a beautiful mare. Our souls and spirits were one. When she suffered, so did I. I will never forget the moments we share: our long walks, we ride together by the throats, or we feed him biscuits. "

"She will always be part of my life. I'm so sad. But I want your pain to end and the gates of heaven open to you. I love you Girl, where do you intend to go?


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