La Conmebol put date to the Superfinal between River and Boca: will be the 8 or 9 of December outside Argentina – 11/27/2018


La Conmebol announced Tuesday at noon that the Superfinal between River and Boca will be played "between the 8th and the 9th of December in time and venue to be defined as soon as possible, "although he warned that the dispute of the meeting is subject to the ruling of the disciplinary court after the order raised by the club led by Daniel Angelici, who calls for the disqualification of the club of Núñez and the coronation without play of his team.As it transcendió, the ruling would come on Thursday. At this time, the members of the court do not have a position taken.

In a brief statement, prior to the announcement of Alejandro Domínguez, its president, Conmebol warned that "according to the facts of violence" that "put at risk the safety of players, officials and fans" it was decided that the final match "do not play" in Argentina.

The statement of Conmebol, with headquarters, date and time to be defined.

The statement of Conmebol, with headquarters, date and time to be defined.

For this reason, the Confederation anticipated that "will bear the costs travel, lodging, food and internal transfer of up to 40 people per delegation. "Likewise," will establish security coordination with the corresponding authorities.

What did not clarify the Conmebol nor its president was if the party will be disputed with public. And he remarked that it will be the body that governs the South American football that will make the decisions of here in more.

While D'Onofrio left the headquarters of Conmebol without talking to the press and frowning, Angelici faced the reporters and warned that "Boca did not agree to play any game" and remarked that awaits the decision of the Disciplinary Unit.

"I am going with the confidence that we are attached to law. I hope that they take all the necessary time so that they can review all the evidence that presented to Boca," said Angelici.

In turn, he emphasized that if the ruling does not conform to Boca is willing to appeal to higher instances. "Let's go to the TAS if necessary", reiterated the boss of the club of La Ribera. Thus, beyond the decision of Conmebol, it seems complicated that the game is played.

Alejandro Domínguez: "Football is not violence"

Alejandro Domínguez before the press gathered in Luque. (Photo: Maxi Failla)

Alejandro Domínguez before the press gathered in Luque. (Photo: Maxi Failla)

Minutes after the Conmebol announced what was resolved in the meeting with the president of the two clubs, Domínguez gave his sensations to the press, without admitting questions or confirming if the final of the Copa Libertadores will be played without public.

These were his most important statements:

"To the football family, to sports lovers, to tell them that football is not what was experienced this weekend, that is a disease that must be eradicated. Violence is not part of football. I do not know when the passion is confused with violence. I do not know when it was confused that winning or losing is life or death, football is a sport of very good values. And one of the most important is respect and loyalty to the rival. It is not possible that we can not live together in peace, in harmony. We are here because the interest in everything is the development of football. "

"My request to mambos presidents, regardless of whether they have an obligation to defend the rights of each of their institutions, my request is that the message that is sent is correct. There is no place for the violent, they can not be tolerated. If we are thinking that we want something better, we all have to collaborate. The place of football is on the playing field with our cracks. "

"In sport we compete, we compete, there is a winner. But that is not synonymous with death. The presidents have the obligation to demonstrate with gestures and with examples the good values ​​that generates the soccer ".

"The Presidency, in conjunction with the Council, decided to schedule the party, subject to what the disciplinary commission decides. The party is going to play on Saturday or Sunday 9, outside Argentine territory. We understand that conditions are not given to play in Argentina. "


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