Kristen Stewart can not hide her love for Sara Dinkin


Kristen Stewart and his new girlfriend Sara Dinkin are spreading romance on the streets of Los Angeles. The new couple were spotted leading their training on Thursday night, when Kristen took a period of inactivity at the red light and kissed Sara. While the two have been seen together several times, possibly the best thing they do together is a Jiu Jitsu class they watch in Hollywood.

But the ease of Kristen Changing partner is a skill that surprised even his circle of friends, one of them was his ex-boyfriend, actor Robert Pattinson who was surprised to learn that the Twilight star was dating Sara. "Rob is surprised to see Kristen Change the brides so fast. Watching Kristen move from Stella to Sara, Rob imagines what's going to take Kristen feel happy, satisfied and interested, "a source close to Robert told HollywoodLife.

And he added: "He thinks of Kristen all the time, but he's gone and healed from his broken heart a long time ago. Wait for Kristen to find true love and happiness. As we mentioned, it is not the first time that the two are caught sharing public cario samples. They usually go out for a walk with their dogs and also spent a day together on Thursday shopping in West Hollywood and also having lunch.

On the other hand, the actress 30-year-old was seen filming the action scenes of the new installment of Charlie's Angels. The 28-year-old actress works hard on production and left everything on set, where she was last year in Hamburg, Germany.

The star, who in the past played Bella in the Twilight saga she wore a colorful printed print of animals in black pants and boots. We know the movie will have a lot of action because it had a propulsion weapon as it ran down the street. Kristen and his colleagues began filming in early November. The remake of the popular film is directed by Elizabeth Banks and features the performances of Naomi Scott, one of the protagonists of the reboot Power Rangers, and the unknown British actress Ella Balinska.


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