Kingdom Hearts III shows moving the PS4 Sword Key and Xbox Key included in the reserves


Sword keys are one of the most important elements of the saga. Kingdom Hearts. In fact, from a certain point of view, the main plot revolves around them. And those who book the digital edition of Kingdom Hearts III will receive a special inspired by the console of their choice.

Through two new moves, Square Enix unveiled two of the exclusive backup incentives for PS4 and Xbox: Sword Key Midnight blue and the sword key Ghost green, two thematic models inspired respectively in each console.

The Sword Key Midnight blue is exclusively included in the digital edition of PS4. Something that is evident in the icons that stand out in the cable as well as in the wake lets in the attacks. In addition, it is able to trigger aerial combos and a huge ice attack.

On Xbox, we have the replica with the Ghost green, which leaves a trail with the Xbox icons characteristic of each hit. However, their attacks are very different: in addition to designing missile missiles that can travel long distances, you can clear the area and crack the ground with powerful rays.

Despite its similarity in design – apart from the color that gives it its name – it a truly unique detail for each console. And a claim to make us with this adventure from day one.

We can use these brand-new sword keys and give them the use as of January 29when Kingdom Hearts III will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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