Kingdom Hearts III has secret endings in updates and shared the dates of these


Kingdom Hearts III adds secret ending with updatesThere will be three patches that Square Enix launch after the launch of Kingdom Hearts III in which they are important sections of the game. This measure was part of a contingency plan against possible leaks, something that happened in mid-December.

Safety inside Square Enix It must be weak or at least that's what Nomura understood, which predicted what eventually happened to the copies of Kingdom Hearts III which they extracted a few weeks ago. However, none of the discs are all data and to get them you will need to wait a few days to download the updates that will reveal the true end of the game along with other features.

The timetable will be as follows:

January 29 – The first update will fix some errors and add the "Memory File" option to the main menu. In it we can access the videos where are the most important points of this saga.

January 30 – here they will add the video with the Epilogue. To see it will be necessary to finish the game and see the end that is in the disks.

January 31st – the true end, the secret. Access to it is not so simple because we must first see the normal end and meet some criteria that vary depending on the difficulty in which we play.

Square Enix sure that anyone will be able to play Kingdom Hearts III to the end without having to be connected to the Internet, being only necessary to see the final videos and the Memory File.

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