Kim Kardashian talks about the sex video that launched her to fame | UNIVERSAL


Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous celebrities in the world but is not only recognized for her eccentricities and harmonious body but is also remembered for the controversial porn video she starred with her ex-husband, Ray J, and put it in the public eye.

In a recent episode of her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the media confessed that she was drugged when she was filmed having relationships with Ray J.

"When I got married, I was drugged with ecstasy," he said of his fleeting marriage to producer Damon Thomas.

"The first time I used ecstasy I got married, got caught up again and recorded a video having sex. Something bad happened," he said as he talked to his ex-brother-in-law Scott Disick and his sister Kendall Jenner about their past.

Surprised by the statement, Scott asked, "Were you drugged when you made the video?" Everyone knows, my jaw was shaking all the time, "Kim replied.

"I definitely went through a rebellious girlhood in the last years of my teenage years, but I'm not like that anymore," Kanye West's wife said.

In 2015, the celebrity confessed that he regrets that video that ended up filtering on the internet.

"If I have to regret something in this life, that's it." Maybe that's how some people met me, but I did not start my career because of that.That was 12 years ago.Then I try to go ahead and leave in the past because I think everyone does things in this life that they are not proud of, but you can not sit back and regret them, "he said.


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