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Keys to care for the heart in these celebrations


Specialists from the Argentine Association of Interventional Cardiologists (CACI), alerted cardiovascular risk associated with excesses who are engaged during the year-end festivities and invited to enjoy the festivities with care and care with cardiovascular health.

The arrival of holidays is usually accompanied by accumulated stress during the year and of familiar situations that at the moment collaborate to increase it.

This, along with certain excessive behaviors, such as excessive intake of food rich in fats and caloric intake and celebrations usually accompanied by high consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Nor do they help socio-economic situation general and heats up usual for this time of year.

For these holidays, experts advised to take into account a number of recommendations, of the first 6 letters of the alphabet.

Health care A-B-C-D-E-F and especially cardiovascular care for these holidays consist of:

The help: First of all, warn and ask for help if you feel bad or if you have any symptoms, do not wait more than 5 minutes for a chest pain to reverse spontaneously, this usually does not happen. The sooner you receive medical care, the sooner you can rule out a coronary artery or treat it, thereby decreasing the risk of complications;

B) Drink: Those who drink alcohol should do so in a measured way and those who drive should keep in mind that the passengers in their vehicle place their trust in him, so he should drink alcohol & # 39; zero. Those who do not drive should be careful not to fall into overeating;

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C) Food: a disproportionate diet with foods high in fat and calories can help trigger a coronary event;

D) Rest: keep in mind that you need to rest and sleep;

E) stress: plan homework assignments and share tasks and responsibilities;

F) Smoking: Smoking, in addition to being highly carcinogenic, is a risk factor for the development of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, which can trigger breakouts of small plaques of fat within our arteries, causing acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and cerebral infarcts. (LCA), among others.

"Point A is referred for help if you do not feel well or have coronary symptoms. Many people expect that the symptoms will reverse and that the timing is crucial for the prognosis of the image. If we have a coronary obstruction, it should be treated as soon as possible through coronary reperfusion procedures, which consists of dissolving plaque that prevents normal blood flow into the artery, "explained Aníbal Damonte, interventional cardiologist and president of CACI.

Before symptoms of infarction, the ICAC recommended refer the person to a highly complex center that has a catheterization room, which is an operating room equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform an angioplasty, catheterization intervention to restore blood circulation.

For his part, Alejandro Cherro, director of the Career Specialist in Hemodynamics, General Angiography and Interventional Cardiology UBA-CACI and former president of CACI, said that among the more frequent symptoms that may be indicating the presence of a coronary problem "There is pain in the chest (oppressive, described as" elephant's foot "), which can radiate to the neck, arms or back, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and palpitations, among others.

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Regarding the other recommendations to be taken into account for these Parties, the interventional cardiologist Diego Grinfeld, CACI vice-president, referred in particular to the ingestion of alcohol: "the the drink is another of the conditions that threaten a party in peace; who drives should drink alcohol "zero."

"In addition, excessive consumption may contribute to triggering cardiovascular events. For the rest of the diners, Ingestion is permitted, but always in moderation; For this, we especially recommend that there is always water and variety of soft drinks on the table, "Grinfeld said.

There is enough scientific evidence to show a link between overeating as a coronary risk factor; experts advise the choice of the healthier options and measure portion sizes.

also avoid adding salt, especially in those who previously suffer from heart problems or high blood pressure.

O to break It is another of the aspects mentioned among the recommendations: many people in these celebrations usually make long trips and sacrifice hours of sleep; the recommendation is to take a break, get enough sleep and not require the body.

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"Another predisposing element is stress, often accumulated during the year and also exacerbated by the celebrations themselves. Although we often say that it is very difficult to deal with this, this is not true: If we plan our tasks and distribute the tasks and responsibilities among several, it is much more likely that we will spend the more relaxed and less worried festivities.Damon insisted.

Finally, the letter & # 39; F & # 39; refers to smoking.

"The holidays and the end of the year are usually a good opportunity to decide to stop smoking. Smoking, in addition to being highly carcinogenic, constitutes a risk factor for the development of numerous diseases, among them, of course, cardiovascular diseases, "said Cherro.

Ask for help immediately if symptoms that can indicate a cardiovascular event, drink in moderation, and zero alcohol if you are driving, take care of excesses at meals, rest properly, control stress and avoid smoking. the main recommendations of CACI to enjoy a party in peace and in a healthy way.

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