"Justicia por Debora", the request of the family of the journalist


One year after the death of maestro Debora Pérez Volpin, her ex-husband, Marcelo Funes, shared an emotional message on the Instagram that her son, Agustín, wrote asking justice for the journalist.

In the post, the young man shared a photo in which, with his sister Luna, they are giving a kiss to their mother. "Today, tomorrow and always, and although I still find it difficult to believe that it is because of you, Let's not stop asking #JusticiaPorDebora", closed the text that has spread.

In another publication, Luna Funes also reminded Debora. "I miss you like everyone else in this world," wrote the girl in a story in her account on the Instagram, next to an image in which she is still a baby and the journalist gives her a kiss on the cheek.

The publication of Luna Funes on Instagram.
The publication of Luna Funes on Instagram.

Deborah died on February 6, 2018, at the age of 50, while they practiced an endoscopy in the Trinity Sanctuary of Palermo. One year later, there is still no start date for the oral trial, which has as defendants for "manslaughter" to the anesthetist Nélida Puente and the endoscopist Ariel Bialolenkier, who were in charge of the medical practice and are waiting in freedom to advance in the judicial process.

The text that Debora's son shared

A few days ago I went to see a jazz band. Eight musicians who put their winds and play for free for an hour that makes them happy. The first thing I thought of was my grandfather, a jazz fan, and how he would have liked it. Then I thought about how I would tell my mother that she was there and how her father would like it.

It's been a year since I last saw you. The official birthday will be tomorrow, but I do not want to know the exact dates. For what? If in the end we live a thousandth of a second. (…)

2019 will be a difficult year. They're going to repeat things that were in my head yesterday. It will still be hard to see the house so empty. It will be hard to come by and Tino is not taking care of her as he has faithfully done for 10 years. And not everything seems to have been enough. (…)

I know you're with me and I miss you and need you more than ever. Thank you for these 20 years in which you have proved to understand everything. For your lessons and life choices. For leaving us what you left us. With such a legacy, fate is bound to repay it.

Every time I hear jazz again, not only do I feel a little closer, but I also feel that you hear it for a while as well. And though nothing in life ever equals what happened, let us trust at least those who were responsible in any way for paying for it. Today, tomorrow and always, and although you still find it difficult to believe that it is for you, we will not stop asking #JusticiaPorDebora.


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