Justice ordered again the arrest of Rodrigo Eguillor


The court ordered the arrest of Rodrigo Eguillor, this time in the framework of cause of sexual abuse that exists against him and which began on November 16. After the arrest, the young man, son of the criminal prosecutor of Lomas de Zamora, Paula Martinez Castro, will be transferred to the office of the mayor of Roberto Pettinato, in La Plata. This is indicated by the order signed yesterday by the judge Carlos Bruniard.

During that statement, Eguillor had a defiant attitude toward the prosecutor and this required immediate arrest. The prosecution has in its possession the case of harassment, in which the young man had already been notified of the prohibition that existed to approach the complainant and disturb her.

Justice investigates Eguillor for crimes of illegal deprivation of liberty and sexual abuse of a 22-year-old girl in an apartment in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. That is why Judge Bruniard, in charge of the case, forbade him to leave the country. The magistrate also dictated the restriction of approach to the victim.

The complaint was made at the Prosecutor's Office of Criminal and Penitentiary No. 22 by prosecutor Eduardo Cubría for the 22-year-old girl who said that on November 15 the boy forced her to have sex with her, without a condom, in a department located on Avenida Independencia.

The situation would have triggered a discussion, in which the young woman asked Eguillor to let her leave the place, but he replied that they had to wait for a friend to give him the key.. According to the complaint and friends of the girl, who reported the case through social networks, the girl tried to escape through the porch, but at that moment the defendant took her by the neck and introduced her to the apartment and raped her.

However, the young man made a story in which he says he saved the girl from taking her own life, since she wanted to play on the porch after having sex with him on repeated occasions. "I saved. You're accusing me of something and the police told me "skinny, you're a hero". I saved, I took off the porch. If I were not there, the mine would die ", said the young man in his release through a video broadcast on Instagram.


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