Sunday , February 28 2021

Just for Valentine's Day? Prince Harry already knows what he will do and Meghan Markle, and is not in his plans

We tell you that the Dukes of Sussex will soon keep its first Valentine's Day as husband and wife after his bond on May 19, 2018. However, the official agenda of the Prince Harry does not understand hearts and romanticism and prevents the couple dine by candlelight on such a marked date. As confirmed by the palace of Kensingtonthe grandson of the queen Isabel II, as captain general of the Marina Realwill be in Norway visiting military maneuvers that are held every year in extremely cold waters.

No doubt a plan far from the heat of "Valentine's Day" and, above all, his wife, according to the newspaper The Intra. These maneuvers, traditionally called "Clockwork Exercises," are held annually 200 miles from the Arctic Circle and serve as training for more than 16,000 soldiers since 1969. This type of environment, under extreme weather conditions, is tested. for the military who live and train for six months a year at the Bardufoss base in Norway.

In addition, on this occasion, the air force commandos stationed there reach 50 years. It is true that during the visit proper, the Duke of Sussex will know the history of the Mechanical Exercises and can see with his own eyes the hard training and equipment necessary to perform these maneuvers, which includes tents, special vehicles and a refuge. Quincey, as it is known for a construction made with the snow itself to shelter.

In addition, Charles's son from England will visit the & hang-up & # 39; where the aerial material needed for these exercises is found. Meanwhile, his wife Meghan Markle will have to celebrate Valentine's Day alone, which for the Duchess has never been a problem. According to the British edition of Hola!, The protagonist of the series "Suits" published in his blog a post about the importance of loving yourself and celebrate this day even without a partner.

"I think you need to be your own boyfriend.I think you have to cook this beautiful dinner, even if it's just for you, put on your favorite dress, buy flowers and celebrate the love of yourself that sometimes we forget when we look only for what we do not have, "wrote Prince William's sister-in-law at the time. However, this year, in addition to her love for herself, she can also add to her night of February 14 the love for the baby on the way, her first child to be born in the spring of 2019.

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