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Junior became great – 11/26/2018

Confident after beating Santamarina in the West, Morón did not weigh his way through Alta Cordoba and he managed a triumph (the first one away from home) to be excited about the possibility of finishing the year as close as possible to the positions of Reducido.

Instituto, with the manual of Darío Franco as foundation, tried to break with an ambitious proposal and with a Mendoza as a handle. But in the 10th it cost him to associate with Pablo Vegetti, one of the goleadores of the match that had the gun powder wet. And the Gallito took advantage of the lack of effectiveness: between González, Akerman and Mendieta elaborated a play for the 1-0.

And in the beginning of the complement, the 7 returned to sleep to the rival defense and defined of great way to seal the result. Yes, Junior already became great …

INSTITUTE (0): Henricot; Flores, Aguirre, Yabale, Canever; Mendoza, Navarro, Endrizzi; Affranchino, Vegetti and Ellacopulos. DT: Darío Franco.

MORÓN (2): Galvan; Paredes, Racca, Mayola, Martínez; Nizzo, Lillo, Pardo, González; Mendieta and Akerman. DT: Méndez-Pico.

GOLES: PT 27m Mendieta (M). ST 5m Mendieta (M).

CANCHA: Institute. REFEREE: Germán Bermúdez.

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