Juanita Tinelli and Toto Otero went on holiday together with Flor Peña: the distribution of the rooms could generate a family conflict


Juanita Tinelli and Toto Otero They are one of the couples in the show. Not only because they are the children of super famous parents, Marcelo Tinelli and Flor Peña, respectively, but because together they look divine!

The fact is that Flor Peña He decided to take them on vacation. The problem, of course, was presented when it came to distributing the rooms. It was the actress who revealed, in The angels of the morning, how they solved the problem: "I do not know if I can say, imagine …"He said, suggesting the boys split the room.

Clear the idea for Marcelo Tinelli It does not cause much grace: "Marcelo is more controlling … Now they went to Las Vegas with Marcelo, I do not know how they will do with the quarter."

But it seems that over time, the driver of Showmatch He was speaking: "He told me, I'd like you to put a little more limits", confessed Flor Peña when he revealed part of the conversation he had with Tinelli.


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