Juan Darthés did not enter the plane that would take him to Argentina: the reasons


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February 11, 2019

The actor, who was criminally charged in Nicaragua by Thelma Fardin, did not return to Brazil to appear in the context of his case against Anita Co.

For this week, the presence of Juan Darthés, who has been in Brazil since December last year, before the Argentine courts in the context of the case against Anita Co.

However, the actor reported criminally in Nicaragua for rape by Thelma Fardin, did not return to Argentina and his date of return is so far uncertain.

Darthés had, as he consigned InfobaeI had a ticket to take the flight 8128 of Latam, which left on Friday Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport but he did not approach.

This is due to the depression experienced by the former "Ugly Duckling" in the face of the serious accusation against him, as his lawyer claims Fernando Taunting.

"Juan Darthés today has a depressive crisis, I have thoughts of self-flagellation. He is medicated, I really do not know if he can come alone. I do not know if you can catch a plane by yourself " said the legal representative denounced.

Cecilia Milone spoke about Juan Darthés: "He called me, but I did not answer him until I was calm"

Thelma Fardin's defense shared a statement
Eilyn Margarita Cruz Rojas, a lawyer for Fardin in the Central American country, issued an official statement on Thursday with the intention of providing details on how the prosecution against Darthés is progressing in Nicaragua.

"The process is under investigation, where different elements of evidence must be gathered," the text begins, adding that "once the evidence is obtained, as Nicaraguan criminal law proceeds to the exercise of criminal action by the Public Prosecution Service , besides the Private Accuser ".

Next, it is clarified that "in Nicaragua, once criminal proceedings are initiated, before a Criminal District Judge, it is when the imposition of pre-trial detention will be determined as a precautionary measure for a person who is accused."

"In the case that concerns us, it is not yet at that procedural stage, so in order to advance the results at this time, it would be to make speculations. This team has made the decision to inform with responsibility, the news of the case that formally happens" closes the declaration.


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