Juan Darthés: an actor with a family profile that his colleagues accuse of harassment


His fans saw him as the ideal man. Is that Juan Darthés (55) he conquered them not only because of his presence but also because of his family profile: married almost twenty-five years ago María del Carmen Leone (53), mother of your children Juan (22) and Gian Franco (18), the actor never had personal scandals. Until in 2013, his image began to blur.

It all started when the actor had to play a fictitious couple with the young Calu Rivero (31) for the novel Sweet love, which was issued by Telefe between January 2012 and April 2013. The strength of the story had to do with the age difference that separated its protagonists. And the scenes of high erotic content between them were the hook that was used to promote the strip.

However, despite the success of the fiction, in the middle of the season the actress decided to abandon what was her first leading role. Then he began to hear rumors of an alleged "harassment" that he would have suffered from Darthés. But at that moment it was Calu herself who denied it.

Years later and with a much more open society listening to women victims of all kinds of sexist violence in December 2017, Calu decided to go out and tell his "truth." And despite never having made a formal complaint in court, she was encouraged to confess publicly that she had been forced to give up the novel by the supposed siege of her partner, who would have exceeded it in the kissing scenes. and that, despite his refusal, he would pursue her permanently.

Thus, Calu became the standard bearer of #Noesno, that many women accompanied. And shortly afterwards, other actresses went out to endorse their public denunciation, sharing their own experiences with Darthés: Ana Coacci and Natalia Juncos (41). Both reported harassment allegedly suffered while sharing scenes with him at Gasoleros during 1998 and in Se dice amor in 2005 respectively.

But of course, so far, none of these three actresses had filed a formal complaint before the courts, so Darthés decided to sue for "defamation and insult." However, there were many colleagues who, notably, showed solidarity with them and let them glimpse their differences with the actor.

Son of the actress Leila Dartel and the actor and singer of tangos Oscar Fuentes, Juan Rafael Pacífico Like his real name, he graduated from the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts and, thanks to his physical role, he soon became a telenovela actor. Among others, he participated in fictions remembered as First things first, I'm gypsy, guilty of this love, ugly duckling, the rich do not ask permission and, recently, Simona

However, in the last track in which he worked, his participation was much questioned. Above all, considering that the fiction aimed at a young audience and that in full disclosure of the same, the denunciations against Darthés occupied the headlines of all the news portals.

However, although his character did not have a great show and did not even participate in the theatrical version of the strip, the production decided to keep it until the end of the cycle.


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