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Journalist and actor Edgardo Mesa died – 06/25/2019

The announcer, journalist and actor Edgardo Mesa died at dawn on Tuesday to the 81 years of age

Born in Pergamino on December 29, 1937, he worked from a young age on the radio, where he led programs remembered as The displaced magazine, on Radio Splendid; In the evening in Radio Del Plata; and fundamentally By night until tomorrow, in Radio Miter, with which he won the award Radial Medium.

Brother of the remembered Juan Carlos Mesa, was also a prominent comedian actor and worked in dozens of films with important capocomics of the time like Alberto Olmedo, Jorge Porcel, Javier Portales, Adolfo Garcia Grau and Mario Sánchez, among many others.

On television, he was part of the news crew Reality & # 39; 81, but he showed his facet as an actor in his brother's hand in News Table (1983).

From these celebrated interpretive incursions, Mesa acted in eight films, among them, The kings of the saber, Rambito and Rambón, first mission, The colimbas have fun, Explosive brigade against ninjas and Peculiar attraction.

Journalist Pablo Montagna pointed out in his Twitter account that Mesa had a pulmonary emphysema for which he was hospitalized more than a year ago. and that his remains will be veiled in the cocheria of Paraná in the city of Vicente Lopez, in Buenos Aires.


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