José C Paz: They are looking for an 18-year-old girl who has disappeared since Sunday




Date: 11/23/2018 18:52

She is 18 years old and was last seen last Sunday, November 18, when she left her home in the San Atilio neighborhood of the feast of Jos C Paz || He stood behind a red Clio car and has since been intensely sought out by his family and the police.

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Her name is Michelle Denise Felker and she has "dark hair, fringe, brown skin and a mole in the eyebrow," reveals her brother Lucas Rodrigo. He added that the young woman has "a tattoo of a flower on his right leg and another of a skull with flowers on his right arm."

Michelle was last seen Sunday at 10 p.m. when she left the house and climbed into the back of a Red Clio car, described the family member and added that they believe it was a rems.

"He had white Nike shoes, a pair of jeans and a black shirt," said the young man, who said they did not receive any news after filing a complaint with the Investigation Directorate (DDI) of Jos C. Paz.

The young man told TN that Sunday was the baptism of his daughter (Michelle's niece) and that his sister was never weird: "On the contrary, he took pictures with everyone, with the baby mainly, he uploaded the pictures. I was happy and happy , that's why we're so confused now and we do not know what to do. "

Lucas reported that they have already talked to all their closest friends and that none of them has given a clue as to where the 18-year-old might be. To tell you that a while ago I met a girl at a bowling alley who wants to offer work. That girl has already stated, but does not contribute anything substantial.

The research is focused on three hypotheses: that Michelle left of its own accord; that I met someone on social networks; or that a person cheats with the excuse of offering a job.

The Buenos Aires Police confirmed that the family made the complaint in the Commisara 3ra of Jos C. Paz on Wednesday 21 and that they had already visited several of the places that the girl frequented without her.

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