JLo's change of look is crazy: total goddess


The always beautiful Jennifer Lopez made a great change of look in her hair and as always, she set a trend.

Diego Suarez, is a renowned stylist who detailed how to achieve in hair the degraded effect imposed by celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, who with his change of image got many others to imitate him. Obviously, the trend is an anger among Argentine women.

Jennifer Lopez she showed up with shorter hair, no waves but a secret in her hair color. The change was due to the singer interpret a new character in a series that did not go far, to keep the mystery.

Here are the options to renew your hair:

SOMBRÉ: As the French word says: Shade. It is the most natural style when it comes to coloring hair as it is giving a gradient in the lengths with a lighter shade for those dark hair, it can be done in reddish colors of copper or gold.

The eloquent photo that shows the stature of Jennifer Lopez

Wicks are shadows: BALAYAGE this bears a resemblance to Sombré, but more risky because it makes a connection of the half in which it begins to lighten, reaching the root with some fine and soft reflections marking laterals and fringes lighter, much chosen in gray colors, Blondes and cakes

Those looking for a frame on the face.
MElT HAIR is a mixture of browns but always with a darker brown depth at the root but never leaves the range of shades of brown and honey. It is the most chosen by women who do not want to constantly go to the salon to touch their hair and the subtler ones.


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