Jimena Barón put the points live with Lourdes Sánchez


The singer shot her partner, following the information the panelist had given at LAM.

"There is something contractual, Jimena Barón always has to open the galas of Dancing 2018"Far from being information that went unnoticed Los Angeles Morning, the words of Lourdes Sánchez they unleashed the wrath of Jimena Barón.

Asked about this, the artist sat in her sharp position: "Lourdes hit me on the most watched show in the morning. It's a stupid thing to do what it says with good vibes if you can check in the morning when you eat toast with Flat. In the anointed, before you go to LAM, can you say, "Is it true or is it a lie?" No, love, it's a lie. Okay, it's settled. "

It was there that the Chato Prada, Lourdes couple with whom she has her son Valentininterviu: "Do not mess with me, please."However, Jimena continued:"I answered because Lourdes makes me look like I'm shining here Beyoncé, when the only thing that is Coke Light is for Fernet"

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"I'll end the party here, I'm going good or bad and I'm going to eat black pudding with beer. Do not make me stay here with my classmates as if I … were not good, nothing more. I clarified that it is a lie and that if they were good vibrations you confers in a second because your husband is in production. Nothing more, "added the couple of Mauro Caiazza, while his companion in the competition remained silent and only expressed through the gestures of his face.

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Finally, Baron closed, sharp, "Or tell me no, I'm spicy." So I say because I'm spicy, "but I do not do it later in WhatsApp, because that's where the attempt to make friends is to & # 39; No, I am the best. You have LAM to say what you want and your companions follow you. I have ShowMatch, I respond live and I will not solve it for WhatsApp so we can make friends here"

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