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Japan gives us the future of mobility

The Tokio Motor Show is held each year, all odd. They are, without doubt, the exhibition of autos from which the most innovative innovations are changed, both for the technologies and for the extravagant designs. However, there are still new models featuring traditional engines, internal combustion (but with a large displacement and low consumption), most of the exhibit's exhibits, clearly dominated by Japanese brands, are series models and prototypes with motorizations. electric or hybrid (a combination of an electric motor with combustion).

Tokio Motor Show 2019 – NSR-MZA

We started with Toyota, a brand that has been around 90 years ago and will present its first model with electric power: the Ultra Compact BEV. It is a small urban car, with a style and size similar to that of Smart, which will be launched in the first quarter of 2020. It will have 100 kilometers of autonomy and will develop a maximum speed of 60 km / h.

Además, Toyota also revealed the development of a new generation of Mirai, the sedan that has been sold in Japan since four years ago and that uses hydrogen as fuel. This ingrowth into a fuel cell which, by means of a chemical reaction with oxygen, generates electricity to power the electric motor and only discharges water through it, so that it does not contaminate at all.

Toyota Mirai. There is a new model edition that has been sold for four years in Japan. Hydrogen works: A fuel cell generates electricity to power an electric motor.

For your part, Lexus, the premium brand of the Toyota company, has won a spectacular prototype called the LF-30, with 536 horsepower and four electric motors., an appetizer of what will be the first electric of the brand, which will meet in november. As a detail, the LF-30, in addition to promising 100% autonomous driving, is completed with a so-called Lexus Airporter who, among other things, would carry the driver's equipment.

Nissan, in continuity with its plan for the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, with the IMk prototype, completely electric and with a figure that represents the design of the brand for its next generations. A little better surrounding is the Ariya electric SUV, because if it's a prototype, it pretty much anticipates the next generation of Nissan's average sport utility.

Nissan IMK. A small urban model that presents the platform for future brand electric models.

Nissan Ariya. Also 100% electric, with driving aids systems, and a figure that anticipates the design of the next models of the brand in this category of crossover SUV.

Mitsubishi sighed with a vehicle conceived by a rupturist: the Mi-Tech, A convertible all-terrain with a buggy wing, which covers four electric motors (one for each noise), but a gas turbine engine at the front. A technology that the brand promises to apply to its next series SUV.

Mitsubishi Mi-Tech. A rupturist concept, with buggy style, and four electric motors combined with a gas turbine.

Honda Fit If we present a new generation of this compact model (in some countries it is called Jazz), but it is not confirmed its arrival in our market.

Honda also has many electric and futuristic models but, on the other hand, presents the most “earthly” model of the world: the new generation of the Fit compact model, which in some markets is known as Jazz. The Argentinean branch of Honda assures that there are no plans for the arrival of this new cloud Fit our market.

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